Stranger Things Walkthrough All Chapters

Stranger Things Walkthrough

In case you haven’t yet heard, Netflix recently released an iOS and Android adventure game for mobile devices based on their hit streaming series ‘Stranger Things’. So, here we are presenting you the ‘Stranger Things’ game app, a well-known title firstly displayed and promoted globally as a TV series on Netflix. In order to further promote the series, and especially its second season, the company has created a funny, juicy, old-school-style adventure game that literally stands on its own.

The game’s first chapter constrains the player to explore the animated town, lab and a whole mysterious area known as ‘The Upside Down’. While navigating the game’s map the player will be required to fulfill several tasks and missions, like activating certain switches to open some doors, pressing some seemingly difficult to push buttons, and attacking different guards across levels. The player can also switch between the in-show characters whilst each of them has its own abilities and gears, so it may be rather important to recognize when to use the right tool for the job. The game is clever and demanding while it constantly makes you struggle for ways to solve complex situations. We feel that you can literally enjoy the 80’s style game-play while not watching the series at all, even though you’d feel curious anyway. The controls in this game are super simple, where you just need to tap in order to walk and interact. This includes punching, shooting, breaking, and basically everything. You can even drag your finger across the screen if you’ve got some distance to cover. The game is divided into chapters, with the same denominations like in the show, and there’s a substantial amount to explore in each one of them.

Here you will be able to find all the Stranger Things Walkthrough for all the chapters of this amazingly popular game!

Stranger Things Walkthrough All Chapters

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